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August 26, 2015
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About the new 2111 website and a reminder about our inspiration

"Space exploration isn't a waste of money distracting us from solving problems here at home and environmentalists are not introspective, distracting from more expansive visions of exploring the new frontier of space. Rather we understood that the two goals are mutually inclusive". 

Those were the wise words of the founders of the original Twenty One Eleven Foundation found Charles Cockell and were the inspiration for blowing new life into the inspirational work of exploring, not just Mars, but the rest of our soloar system, galaxy and indeed, our Universe.

Although original foundation didn't claim to be the first non-profit space exploration program, it really was the first organization to enunciate the breadth of scientific links between space and Earth exploration under a single non-profit enterprise and the first organization to establish an active grant-giving effort to support projects that further these efforts.

Find out more about the original Twenty One Eleven Foundation's history and members to see how they inspired this new site with their philosophy of vision with pragmatism. While we support the visions of the exploration of Mars and other locations in space, the people that populated the foundation's board must be thanked for their hard work in providing grants to a range of space exploration projects - benefiting all of mankind. 

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