The Children of Space - Exploring to Survive

Literature and film, both media have used aliens and humans in space to help make science fiction stories exciting. It is a fact that many science fiction movies made in 1950s predicted many technological inventions of the present time.

The fact that human beings will continue to travel in space, and processes on Earth are likely to be controlled from outer space. The enthusiasm of the kids never lags behind adults. In order to motivate them and build a quest of knowledge about spaceflight, certain insiprations were created.

The one such creation was a short film titled as “The Children of Space”. It had two basic reasons and can be seen here. The first was to pay tribute to low budget science fiction films of the 1950s. The second objective was to motivate kids for building their interest in space exploration and research.

The Purposes of a Human Presence in Space

Those who are not aware of the use of satellite technology, initially find it useless. But the fact that most of the communication on Earth between people in different continents is made possible only due to presence of the satellites. T.V channels from a far off place can be viewed across the globe as geo-stationary satellites are present around the Earth.

Children of SpaceThese satellites provide a smooth coverage to all the international T.V networks and astronauts remain present in the International Space Station in order to take photographs of the different scenes of Earth, - and use hardware created by commercial space companies to monitor weather and changing climatic conditions, forecasting hurricanes and other natural disasters. Y

es, children of the future will need space more that we do now -  just ot survive!

The Need for New Technology

There is no need to say that kids need every new technological device, personalized according to their individual needs. The best recent example can be found in the case of drone technology. In the very first attempt these products were limited within aerospace agencies. Then they were found for the civil and military purpose. Later, the technology developed up to large extent and gained popularity among the masses.

The major use was found for the imaging purposes. People loved to take photographs from a camera attached to drone. Later, this device gained popularity among the kids too.

Remote control quad copters gained fame among children. This was because these devices provided them a certain sense of purpose. Same case is being seen for the space technology too. Kidswill love to have presence in outer space and see Earth from a different perspective.

The time is not far away when cubesats will just become a matter or remote control. They will not rely on space stations or rocket launchers for their deployment in the orbits of space. Yes, the idea of Children in space is soon going to become a reality.

Star Children - Helping Humanity

In the present times, there exists an undeniable reality that Earth’s future is at jeopardy. There are two major factors for instance. The first is the resource depletion due to over population and the second is the ever changing environmental conditions. Both of these have a solution in outer space. Problem is that human beings can’t stop the developmental activities just to reduce the global warming and pollution. They have to take measures just to counter these issues. Read more at startchild.

The Children of Space shows that space children will be better able to look at the environmental issues encountered by the residents of the Earth. This is because they are more up to date with latest data being sent from the imaging devices of space stations and the satellites. It is necessary to boost the present time’s children interest regarding the aerospace missions. This is because the climatic changes happening at Earth would be better monitored and even controlled from the outer space.

Exploring the New Worlds

Space missions simply do not mean to spend time in the space station or monitor the functioning of satellites. The major issue faced by human beings on Earth regards resource depletion. The time demands to look for the new places where life exists and human life can be supported.

Kids well equipped with the interest for exploring the outer space would be better able to navigate through stars and planets. They will search more and make the entire Universe, not only the Earth, a better place to live. Further space can also prove to be a great place for conducting experiments. This can provide future generations with new platforms while preserving the Earth’s environment.

Cubesat Technology for Children

Use of Cubesat technology is not something new at all. It is easy for any person who can afford a Cubesat to have one of his own and launch it into the space. This simply makes the private use of small satellites very possible.

Generally CubeSats cost only $80,000 depending upon the needs of customers they can be designed in $10,000. For students and research organizations the small satellites are available within range of $ 5000 too. This simply makes it easy for everyone to access the space and see results from his own device. In case of tech oriented kids who want to get their abilities tested in orbit this is the great opportunity.

Opportunities for Kids to Access Space

Space Opportunities for ChildrenIncreased demand for cubesats calls for innovation and new designs.

Students who want to innovate in the field of space technology and produce new designs can contact the aerospace technology giants. Further, NASA also launches initiatives for children and students to actively take part in space projects.

All these initiatives have opened doors for children to enter the world of space technology and to learn about small satellites.

It is possible that in the future children would be able to create, test and launch personalised satellites, and use them for games, for growing space pets, or for science research? Watch this space from now until 2111 to find out...

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