Mission Statement

"Humankind now faces the dual challenges of the environmental preservation of the Earth and the exploration of space. Both are essential to our quality of life and our future. Neither goal can exclude the other and success in either requires boldly advancing on both. By supporting and encouraging exploration that bridges these complementary goals, the Twenty-one Eleven Foundation seeks to promote and fulfil the vision of Earth as an oasis, cared for by a space-faring civilization."

This is the mission statement of the 2111 Foundation for Exploration. From remote sensing to the study of microorganisms and human performance in extreme environments, there are universal ties between space and Earth exploration.

The 2111 (Twenty-one Eleven) Foundation for Exploration, founded in 1994, forges links between these areas by helping to fund innovative expeditions around the world with a scientific focus that spans space and environmental sciences. 

Our Name

The Twenty-one Eleven (2111) Foundation takes its name from the 200th anniversary of the launch of the first successful expeditions to reach the Earth's South Pole. Both expeditions succeeded. However, only one returned home. 

The date 2111 expresses the hope that by this bicentennial date expeditions will have visited the Martian polar ice caps in an analogous way to polar expeditions on Earth. The date serves as a symbolic reminder that the spirit of exploration that drove us on Earth will drive us on similar extraterrestrial frontiers. Earth and Space Exploration are intimately linked because they are manifestations of the same human condition. On this date, logistics permitting, the Foundation will launch its own expedition to the Martian geographical north pole and plant a flag in the snows of Mars.