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"Humankind now faces the dual challenges of the environmental preservation of the Earth and the exploration of space. Both are essential to our quality of life and our future. Neither goal can exclude the other and success in either requires boldly advancing on both. By supporting and encouraging exploration that bridges these complementary goals, the Twenty-one Eleven Foundation seeks to promote and fulfil the vision of Earth as an oasis, cared for by a space-faring civilization."

Mission Statement, Twenty-one Eleven Foundation

The Twenty-one Eleven Foundation for Exploration is an international charity that supports field research that enhances the exchange of knowledge between the environmental and space exploration communities.

This work includes field research that helps us to explore other planets and the use of space research to help preserve and understand the Earth's environment. 

Since its establishment the Foundation has helped support over 40 projects around the world.

The 2111 Foundation is registered as a charity in Britain (No. 1043871) and as a non-profit corporation in the United States [501 c(3)].

Message from our President

Our Work

The 2111 Foundation for Exploration has helped to sponsor more than 40 scientific expeditions, research projects, and educational initiatives since its founding. View our Mission Statement, read about the projects we have supported, or learn about our Mars Exploration Awards, which will honor future human exploration of the Red Planet.

Expedition Planners
Planning an expedition or research project? Learn about the types of projects we support, our requirements, and how to apply for an award here.

Meet the Board
The foundation's board members have led scientific expeditions to the poles, the steppes of Outer Mongolia, the depths of the oceans, and the tops of rainforests. Meet the Board   Members.

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Learn how you can help the 2111 Foundation on its mission to support scientific work that helps us to understand the Earth's environment and to prepare us for the exploration of other worlds.

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