The Foundation

The Original Twenty-One Eleven Foundation!

'The Earth as an oasis cared for by a space-faring civilization'. This was how we chose to express our vision in our mission statement of 2000.

When we set up the Foundation in 1994 we had a clear vision - the exploration of space and the preservation and study of the Earth were not two exclusive goals. Space exploration isn't a waste of money distracting us from solving problems here at home and environmentalists are not introspective, distracting from more expansive visions of exploring the new frontier of space. Rather we understood that the two goals are mutually inclusive.

cockellpicAs you'll find throughout our web site there are countless examples of links between Earth and space exploration that show how beneficial both goals are to each other and how we need to progress on both fronts to achieve the potential of society. The Twenty-one Eleven Foundation has helped fund over 40 of these projects since we established the Foundation; all of them with a different focus on a different part of the link.

Although we don't claim to be the first people to see these links (after all, space agencies were observing the Earth with satellites from space long ago), we do claim some significant contributions. The Twenty-one Eleven Foundation was really the first organization to enunciate the breadth of scientific links between space and Earth exploration under a single non-profit enterprise and the first organization to establish an active grant-giving effort to support projects that further these links. But our most solid contribution is that by setting up the annuals awards we were able to put our money where our mouths were by establishing a Foundation that actively supported projects that further the link between environment and space.

The Foundation is built on a philosophy of vision with pragmatism. While we support the visions of the exploration of Mars and other locations in space, the people that populate our Board have a sound scientific background in space and environmental sciences. Our long-term vision for the continuity of our Foundation is expressed in our long-term awards for exploration.

Our annual awards have been very successful since they began, but building them depends upon people like you. If you like what you see on our web site, we hope you'll consider joining us and helping us fulfil our vision of 'the Earth as an oasis, cared for by a space-faring civilization' by supporting innovative expeditions and fieldwork around the world.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our site.

Charles Cockell