Bringing commercial space research to the ISS

There's one constant in all of our lives and that’s gravity and it’s only been in the last few decades in the space age that we can play around and do things without that force that we call 1G. And so that's what this project is all about what happens if you grow molecules, in this case Terpines that were grown in whiskey without that 1G, what do we learn? We had canisters that had to travel to the same launch site, where sputnik the first satellite was launched from, this is the place where humanity took its first steps off the planet.


To our knowledge no one has really studied how Terpines react in microgravity what we learn in this project is not just about Scotch, Terpines are the building blocks in a number of consumer products. The question here is as the Terpines are exposed to oak will they behave differently, will they get a different taste. And for the past two years they've been sitting there on the space station hopefully aging away in coming up with all new flavors we hope to get it back down on the earth the canisters and it stayed in the U.S. approved cargo and we preserve that precious space at the feet of the astronaut and they’ll close the door and they will push back a couple on the space station and then they will begin descent… use other issues as we are standing by for Touchdown.

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Touchdown confirmed right on the button eight twenty three A.M. back on Earth and when they land they remove the astronauts and take out the American cargo moving out. They put it on the NASA jet and flies to Houston and my guys take it off the Jet and we'll have some very rigorous examinations working with scientists to see if the Terpines have behaved differently. It’s been a long process with a lot of folks at NASA and the Russian space agency and the astronauts all involved in this and that's why space is so difficult.

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