2001 Grants

The foundation gave five grants of $500 US each to support a variety of projects.

State University of New York at Stony Brook, USA

Use of satellite imagery to map fossil regions of Madagascar for the study of the island's unique fauna. This project will yield insights into how species, when completely isolated, can travel down unique evolutionary pathways.

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, USA

Study of Antarctic snow algae and their relevance to exobiological habitats for life in snow/ice environments.

Queen's University, Belfast, Ireland

Use of ground-penetrating radar with GPS and GIS to investigate ice formations, glaciers, and geomorphology in arctic Norway to help us understand possible glacial features on Mars.

University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Project Description: The University of Edinburgh Coral Awareness and Research Expeditions use GPS to map completely unstudied coral reefs in Madagascar. Expeditions will study biodiversity and health of coral reefs and map their extent. The expedition illustrates the use of space technologies to help address environmental problems.

International Space University, Strasbourg, France

Support for two students field trips for a design project on the use of small satellites in environmental monitoring. Field trips will be done during ISU's 2001 summer session in Bremen, Germany.

Dr. Cockell also will give an astrobiology lecture to ISU students from the Mars Society's simulated Martian habitat in the High Canadian Arctic, where he will live and work during the summer months. For more information, please see the Mars North section of our web site.