Welcome to the Citizen Space Revolution!

Since the birth of human spaceflight in 1961 to self paying citizen space exploration and privately funded school and university satellite launches, humans have strived to explore other worlds with less constraints from government regulation and international bureaucracy.

To mark the next stage of human development and evolution and to monitor progress made by the new generation of space researchers, an international team collaborated to set up the 2111 project. Learn more about the space research being undertaken by our members. Join us or get in touch with Martin of Albion to contribute...before its too late...

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Why 2011 - 2111?

  • Marking 50 years since the birth of human space exploration via Yuri Gagarin's epic journey into low earth orbit and back back again.
  • The end of an era. the retirement of NASA's space shuttle program and the failed constellation program and the death of old space
  • The rapic growth since 2011 of commercial aerospace and the new space brands disrupting the market to turn a profit in orbit
  • And the increase in cubesat and small satellite space research opportunities for to universities and commercial space programs

What would YOU do on the Space Station?

New Space Research Opportunities:

Helping Earth

Helping Earth

Monitoring the planet's health from low earth orbit is essential in helping solve the problems of climate change and environmental damage.

Getting Funding

Getting Funding

Sponsorship programs and grants for university and school space projects leads to privately-funded research missions from investors.

Launching YOUR Payload

Launching YOUR Payload

Standardized CubeSat, PicoSat, PocketQube and other small satellites can now be bought off the shelf and launched into orbit within just 9 months.

Get Started Today

Never before have so many space research opportunities been available to regular citizens and scientists - of all ages and abilities - around the world. See the below resources to get started:

  • Find out more about the experiments that can be done in CubeSats, and how to create or buy your own small payload.
  • See the available launch providers and programs that get your payload launched into low earth orbit.
  • Discover a whole range of space services, businesses and organizations that can help your mission.
  • Join space research communities, investor groups or networks of space entrepreneurs.